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    Ok so i just got my ammonia down to zero using prime and a long time of water changes. I just made the mistake of adding safe start only an hour after using prime. To my understanding i was supposed to add it 24 hours after. Will this have an affect on the safe start? I dont really want to buy another bottle of safe start for it cost too much and was very hard to track down. Thanks.
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    From the sounds of it the only ammonia treatment safe to use with TSS is Amquel+. Unlike Prime, it is not a binder. It breaks up the chemical bonds of the elements that make up ammonia. This process is permanent, hence why Amquel is not limited to just the 24 hr. effectiveness of products like Prime. Once the chemical bonds are broken, the remaining pieces are no longer toxic to fish but remain available food to consume by the bacteria as if nothing happened to the ammonia as far as they are concerned - the bacteria can't tell the difference. Kordon makes a point of advertising that Amquel+ does not interfere with benefical bacteria.
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    Just for you info I tried using TSS with a pH of 6.0 or lower and had no success. I had to raise my pH up a little to get my tanks to show nitrites and finally fully cycle.

    Maybe you will have better luck.
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    Taken from the link I posted above.
    Something VERY interesting that I hadn't noticed before. It mentions not to use conditioners that remove chloramines.

    Most water conditioners remove chloramines.

    Many municipalties use chloramines in the tap water.
    Chloramines kill fish.

    Chloramine removers kill TSS.

    Sounds like a double edged sword (use it and kill TSS/don't use it and risk killing your fish).

    One more reason to go fish less.

    Sorry, that was :;ot
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    the ONLY one recommended is tetra aquasafe(BioExtract formula contains seaweed extracts (natural biopolymers), which support the development of beneficial filter bacteria for healthy and clear water) of course tetra is going to recommend their own products as they have been tested together .....amquel+ wont work with tss as it detox's the ammonia (Protects fish and invertebrates by eliminating nitrite, nitrate, and all forms of ammonia, chloramines, and chlorine) .... I would NOT rely on the TSS working after adding prime in conjunction with it....keep a very close eye on things :)