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Discussion in 'Aquarium Water' started by flyin-lowe, Apr 20, 2010.

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    I have a planted 120 gallon tank that is going to be stocked with angel fish and probably cardinals once it gets established. Right now I have 13 corries and 4 albino BN plecos in it. I have decided to get an RO unit that will be here this week. I live in the country and have well water. I also have a water softener (the type with the salt tank). I have read and realize that it is not good to use straight RO water for the fish. I was thinking about using a small amount of my well water with the RO water. Do you folks that have an RO unit use some type of additive, do you mix a little tap water with your RO water, or do you have something in your filter to keep the RO water liveable.
    My plans right now once I get the unit are to start doing like 5-10 gallon water changes every other day until the tank water parameters equal out with that of the RO water so when I start doing larger water changes it won't shock the fish.
    It seems from what I have read that it also depends on how efficient my RO unit is. I got a name brand unit from a dealer and not an off brand ebay special. But my understanding is if your unit only filter out like 92% of the impurities of the water you don't need to add anything because there is still some stuff in the water that the fish need. On the other hand the more efficient units that filter out like 99% needs to have some additives.
    I was thinking of when I do my water changes mixing one gallon of my standard well water in with 19 gallons of RO water.
    I know my fish will appreciate the RO water once I am up and running.
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    Here we go.
    I got my RO unit and installed it this weekend. I put it under the sink and installed the faucet for drinking use. I split the line that goes to the faucet and put a 4 foot hose with a spout at the end that I can use to fill five gallon jugs. So far this is working great. It is a 100 GPD unit with a 3.2 gallon tank. In an hour and a half it fills up to capacity (about 2.5 gallons). So I am not having trouble getting enough water.

    Here is my plan and let me know what you guys think. As of now I did about a 30% water change last night and added 10 gallons of RO water back. Tonight I did a 15 gallon change and it was all straight RO water. I plan on doing small water changes each night for the next week using straight RO water to get the water changed, slowly for the fish to adjust. After that I plan on doing my water changes and using about 90% RO and 10% well water. I am trying to avoid having to use additives or add stuff to my filters etc for nutrients. I want to keep it as easy as possible and not take the fun out. I plan on getting a TDS meter and a GH/KH kit.

    Right now the tank has been running for a month and a half and the water started to cloud up last week and I think I am in the middle of an algae bloom. The water has turned pretty green on me. The water changes are helping. I plan on leaving the lights off for the next couple days and then change my lighting schedule around. Right now the lights are on (timer) from 7:30A to 7:00P. The tank does not get any direct sunlight but there is a window behind the tank. The sun light has to go through a blind and then through the background so I am assuming it is pretty filtered out. After the next couple days I am going to set the timer so the lights come on about noon and go off about 8:00P. The limited sun light that gets to the tank is from sun up to about 10:00A. The tank stock is in my profile (tank #2 120g) so I won't bore you with the stats but take a look and give me your advice. I plan on adding a school of cardinals in a few weeks and then the angels a month or two after the cardinals.

    Here is a picture of the tank a few weeks ago (a little cloudy but not bad) and a pic of the tank today. (I am ashamed but I know its part of it.)

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    I would say your green what is because there are too few plants in your tank and there is excessive nutrients there. So in this battle, the uni-cellular plant(algae) wins over your multi-cellular plants! Grow more fast growing plant first to absorb the nutrients and compete against algae. Otherwise you will keep changing water forever and your water bill will be skyrocketing as well :)

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