Question About WCMM

Bloodfin Tetra should get along fine with WCMM. Your tank size/current stock depends if you can add anymore fish. What is your tank size?
It's normal for them to challenge each other occasionally, and they'll chase and flare at each other as well as females. None of it is overly aggressive in nature (they're a peaceful bunch), but too few females may cause excess stress. Bear in mind that WCMMs do better in colder water than most tropical fish; I keep my 36G at 72-74F which is on the high side of WCMM temperature ranges, and on the low side of the flame gourami I keep in there. They'll tolerate higher temperatures, as they're not wild-caught anymore, of course. My LFSs keep them at 76F.
I have a 20 gallon long. I have my 6 bloodfins, 6 female WCMM and 6 male WCMM. My bloodfins do OK but my male WCMM's chase and harass every one in the tank. My bloodfins stay more in the back because of my male WCMM's. I have removed all the males for now and placed them into a container temp until I hear from you. I do have a spare 10 gallon tank.

I keep my tank at 76°F my heater does not come on in the tank since I keep it set low.
I am still having problems with the WCMM.I have changed their tank to a 40 gallon with 12 Bloodfin Tetras and 11 WCMM. My WCMM are bothering my bloodfins by nipping them and chasing them constantly. My bloodfins don't come out much because of this.

I have removed all the WCMM and put them into a container temp by themselves. I need advice what to do with them now.

My Bloodfins seem much calmer and happier without these WCMM in the tank.

I did research on the WCMM and it says they only harass their own kind but that is not what I see in the tank.

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