Question about using Cichlid Salts

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    Vince66 Member Member

    Im wondering if anyone on here who has Malawi African Cichlids uses the African Mineral Salts to harden the water ? My ph out of my tap is 7.2 and his soft water. I have aragonite sand so that keeps my ph at a 7.8 but I also use the African Mineral Salts to harden the water. I use Seachem Malawi Cichlid Salts. Question is do I really need them ? Is it really necessary ? Im wondering if anyone else on here who has these type of fish use the Mineral Salts ?
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    Thai Aquarium owner Well Known Member Member

    The mineral salts you are using are nothing more than ground and processed limestone.
    Save a load of time, money, and effort by just placing some rocks in the tank that are of a calcious structure.
    EG Limestone , Texas Holey Rock Etc
    After adding these rocks, your PH will increase to 8.2 , which is perfect for Malawi fish, and also all the minerals and trace elements required will leech from the rock to give the perfect Gh , Kh, and living environment for the Cichlids due to the extra rock
    Just put another piece of rock in the water for your w/c tub, and you are good to go.
    Hope this helps you