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    In a couple weeks I'll be heading home for winter break(12/11-1/11ish) from college, and I was wonder what the best way to bring my tank home with me would be. I have a 10gal with a bunch of about 1.5 month old guppy fry, an adult guppy, a couple cories, CAE, and about a couple months old molly. I thought about getting a Styrofoam cooler from Kroger or Walmart and packing them up in that, but I wanted to get everyone else's opinions first. I'd still keep a large majority of the tank's water (I'd buy other containers to keep it since I don't want to make my fish stressed from differences in pH etc if I were to add new water from home.) I'd also be keeping the filter submerged so that the bacteria don't die. I'm curious to see if this is the best way to go about bringing them home with me. I'll only be gone for about a month and the drive home will only take about 2 hours at the most. Also, if I were to leave them here in my apt with an automatic feeder (which I've already been using - the amount of food that gets dispensed has already been adjusted so no worries of overfeeding) would they be alright for the month? How about the water quality? If I do a large water change (possibly around 30-40%?) immediately prior to leaving, will they be fine for the month? I'd much rather have them at my house than leave them at my apartment, but if they're more likely to survive by not having them go through the stress of travelling, then so be it. Plus, it would be pretty cool to come back in a month to see how much they've grown (assuming they don't die, of course). That brings me to another point actually; if one of the fish dies, then it'll be stuck in my tank for a month and ruin the water quality for the others...

    So....basically, feel free to give your opinions, advice, etc on my situation. I realize that there's a ton of questions in my post, but even having a few of them answered is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
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    I've heard really bad things about the auto feeders. They can mess up and a month is a long time if it fouls the water.
    Your plan to take them home will work. :)
    A soft sided cooler would be better so they don't get banged around or you could use crumpled news paper around their bags in a Styrofoam cooler.