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HI everyone! I just bought a master test kit and it looks really intimidating. It has test tubes and bottles of testing chemicals. It was quite expensive (30.00). So far I have just sat and looked at it. Maybe I should get a test kit with strips instead? I need reassurance. Is it as hard as it looks? Thanks! Robyn


Take a deep breath Yes it looks intimidating but it isn't really. The instructions are great! Step by step pictures as well as written step by step instructions. Try doing just one test, follow the instructions then go to another one don't worry about all of it at once. Pretty soon you'll be whipping through all of them.
I always loved science experiments at school and that's how I feel when I test my water. Almost makes me wish I had a microscope to see what's in it(maybe not )


I have a block of wood with four holes drilled in it (half way through only) I have written in every corner what test it is and how many drops it needs and sectioned the block of wood into four with a magic marker it is about 1 foot long and sits nicely on my lap when I sit in my fish car and do my tests. a piece of 2 x 4 is what I have used. this is so I don't have to flip the pages when I test it is just written in front of me. makes it more fun when I test



what a good idea dazzler!

on my API test kit there's a summary on the back on the colour cards. first few times I did the tests I used the book as this is a little more detailed, but now I just use the summary key points on the back of the colour cards. I would do the pH one first as that's the easiest , and I would do the nitrate one last as that's the most time consuming, but the other ones are quick and easy.....go on, take the plunge!! its not as scary as it looks!!

also they are more accurate than the test strips from what i've heard from fishlore who have tried and tested both.
let us know how you get on! the way, make sure you don't use your dropper near to your fish tank and risk any going in! I saw a diagram somewhere (might even have been in the instruction booklet!?) with someone holding the test-tube above the fish tank.....miss the test tube with your dropper and you get toxic chemicals in your tank!!


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