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    Sooo I went on a search for sand today and no one has the black diamond blasting sand available here. Tractor supply won't have any for 2 weeks. So I went to Walmart, asked if they had play sand, they did, I bought it assuming it is the white play sand. When he brought it around to the truck, this is what he brought me. Now I don't hate it. It is a very dark brown, and I wanted a dark substrate. I am just not sure it is something I can use in a tank. I am totally going for a natural look in the tank, and was settling for white sand in the first place. What do you guys think?


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    Mmm, my first thought is that it is ok. It says it is ideal for outdoor play areas, I don't think they would put anything toxic in it. What are you worried it may have?
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    I am worried about it being too gritty for the fish. Not necessarily about what is in it. I want to do some corydoras, not sure if they need a finer grit of sand.
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    I have seen corydoras on gravel do well. My 2 tanks have silica sand in it and my corydoras do fine. How big are the grains? If it hurts your hands while you are washing it it may hurt the corydoras but I don't think a sand that is made for kids to play would hurt your hands.
    I haven't tested this but corydoras gurus claim that the corydoras barbels will do fine as long as the water quality is good.
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    Ok thank you. I haven't opened the bag yet. I am going to wait on it, I may just take it back. I have to head to a bigger town for a doctor's appt on Tuesday. I think I will just pick up the sand I wanted there. I was being impatient today, but I can't get the tank all the way set up anyways, until my filter gets here on Tuesday. So might as well just get the sand I wanted in the first place.
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    That's a good decision. With my first tank I was super anxious to get fish so I did not think much about aquascape or stuff like that. Heck, I did not even give the tank a background I just placed it in the middle of the living room. Some months later here I am, just moved my tank to give it a proper background (I know aquascapes don't exactly need a background but I like those with bushy background I plants)so I can try my best at aquascaping. It was not fun having to move the tank and take every decoration out lol.
    It looks like patience pays very well in this hobby.