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Discussion in 'Aquarium Aquascaping' started by soccermatt, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. soccermattValued MemberMember


    I've just recently started an aquarium, and i thought that rocks would be a nice addition. Do you need special pet store rocks, or can you just thoroughly clean, your average backyard rock. If so how should i go about cleaning it?

  2. steed1172

    steed1172Well Known MemberMember

    nope you don't have to buy those store rock, you can clean your own rocks you find,
    step 1) put some vinegar on the rock.. if it fizzes and bubbles it can change your ph and hardness of your water.(and should only be used with certain fish)
    step 2)(usually after step one) scrub and rinse!! and thats about all.... you can also soak it in a bleach solution of 10% i think and that will kill all the "bugs" on it
    if you use bleach make sure you rinse scrub and rinse again to get ALL bleach off, other people soak their rocks in hydrogen-peroxide (and) or vinegar instead of bleach as its less harmful if you didn't get all of it off.

    EDIT:... they all stink a bit lol
  3. OP

    soccermattValued MemberMember

    thanks, just added a couple rocks, makes a real difference, makes the aquarium look much better.
  4. steed1172

    steed1172Well Known MemberMember

    rocks are wonderful, they look great fish love them, plants love to grow on them, and they even grow beneficial bacteria! get some pictures please!

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