Question about Peacock Gudgeons

I know Peacock gudgeons need to be kept in at least a pair, but could you have just a pair of females? If not is there anyway to keep a male/female pair from breeding? I would maybe like to stay away form changing the temperature of the tank if at all possible because the fish in the tank hasn't been finalized.
I haven't seen anything in my research that suggests you couldn't. Would be better than 2 males as they do tend to bump heads sometimes.
I have two and no idea what their genders are. They get along with each other just fine. No fighting. No eggs or babies as far as I can tell.

Feeding is a bit of a roller coaster. They took to flakes right away mostly waiting for them to sink but sometimes going to the top. Now they aren't interested in flakes but will typically go for big bites or sinking cichlid pellets.

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