Question about driftwood

  1. emanluke

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    Real quick question guys. A little while ago I got a piece of Mopani driftwood for my ten gallon tank. :) It looks really cool with a bunch of knobs and twists, with an interesting two-tone coloring. My question is, when I put it in the tank, can there be gravel under it, or do I need to make sure the wood touches the bottom of the tank? ??? I thought I might have read somewhere that there shouldn't be gravel under it, but couldn't find the post.

    Thanks for the help! :;thx
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    I can't think of any reason why it would matter.
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    Thanks to you both. John, I took a look at that a while ago, and bookmarked it. I knew I wanted driftwood, so I made sure to research it well first. I've already boiled it, and I'm about to put it in my tank now! Again :;thx