Question about dead branches from a cherry blossom tree

Discussion in 'Driftwood' started by tunastrack, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. tunastrackWell Known MemberMember

    Hello all :) We have beautiful cherry blossom trees fencing in our back yard that are just stunning in the spring. (I will have to post a picture eventually). Sadly one has died off back in the corner where our neighboors dog used to use the bathroom. I was wondering if it would be safe to recycle some of its branches and add them to my tanks? I just think it would be a shame to just throw them out. They are too small to use as fire wood and the was the branches branch out is the style I have really been wanting in my tanks.

    If it is safe. What measures would I have to take to get it tank ready? Thanks!!!

    P.S. I am looking for some cost effective ways to spruce up my tanks to look more natural. Like rocks, and driftwood/branches etc. Any suggestions welcome! I was even thinking of taking a trip to creek close by and grabbing up a few things. Just affraid it wouldnt be safe for my fish.
  2. Matt BWell Known MemberMember

    I would think cherry is hard enough to make good driftwood, though I imagine it would stain quite a bit. I've never used it so hopefully someone can give you definite but the preparation I would use is start with long dead(a year or more), dry wood with no rotting areas on it. I would then boil it repeatedly to get out the tannins and soak it for a couple weeks to water log and let it leach tannins etc.

    I use rocks from a river in my aquariums after the following preparation: I scrub them with a stiff bristle brush, then soak for 4-6 week changing the water every couple days, I also test the bucket water before changing for ph and hardness to see if the rock is impacting these values.
  3. pirahnah3Fishlore VIPMember

    Unless you know that NO fertalizers or chemicals have been used in the area or sprayed from above then I wouldnt. It isnt worth the change sometimes. Yeah you can soak and boil and all that but chemicals can leach slowly and have a very devistating effect on the tank. Sorry to give some bad news but I personally wouldnt do it. They have a BTU value, use it for that.