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    buck@ekan Initiate Member

    Got problem need to solve during cycling. 19L tank, declorinated freshwater, hang type pump c/w biofilter media + carbon.

    cycling method: "add daily" as described.

    Added 4 drops pure ammonia (25%) based on the calculator. after 8 days, Ammonia hovering around 8ppm, pH 7.8, NitrIte start showing 1.0 - 2.0 reading (API test kit), NitrAte at 10-20. Due to evaporation (lost about 30% water) I added declorinated water. For next 3-4 days, all indation seems to maintain.

    Then pH drops to 6? Temperature was around 27C. Few days later, NitrAte drops to 0, NitrIte also 0, Ammonia around 2-4ppm.

    Did I messed up? How to fix it? Start all over?

    Need advice.

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    Hello Buck and Welcome to Fish Lore. You may find the above link to another thread on the same subject helpful. I don't have personal experience with this method myself.
    I'm sure you'll get some more responses.

    With a pH level as low as 6 it may delay your cycle. Too, with an ammonia reading as high as 8, it may be too high and the good bacteria can't get control. I'm thinking a water change may be in order but let's get some more responses first!
    Best of luck!