Question About Carbon

  1. Daniel Nebushkow Member Member

    So, I have a Aquaclear 20 hooked up to my 10 gallon tank. As you might know it has a sponge thing on the bottom followed by activated carbon, and BioMax. So activated carbon takes chlorine and other harmful substances out of your water. Does this mean you can put chlorinated tap water in the tank? Will the carbon pull the chlorine out fast enough for it to not harm the fish?
  2. hacksaw15 Member Member

    Carbon will not remove chlorine. You will need to use a water conditioner to remove chlorine. Prime is what most of us use.

  3. toolman Well Known Member Member

    No it will not IMHO pull the chlorine out fast enough. You might be OK, but would use seachem Prime, stress coat +, or the water conditioner /dechlorinater of your choice.
  4. Daniel Nebushkow Member Member

    "Active charcoal carbon filters are most effective at removing chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), taste and odor from water."
    hacksaw15 you're wrong

  5. toolman Well Known Member Member

    Maybe so, but still don't think it will remove it fast enough, use dechlorinater or not. Not worth the risk of your fish.
  6. Daniel Nebushkow Member Member

    I know i did that with previous fish without knowing and it worked out fine
  7. OnTheFly Well Known Member Member

    I agree, too slow. Inline carbon block filters do remove chlorine, but all the water is running through the carbon in that situation. If you dump 30 gallons of chlorinated water in your tank it could take a long time for it to see the carbon in your filter. And unless the carbon is very fresh, no way to tell when it stopped working. There is not much carbon in most filter cartridges.

  8. toolman Well Known Member Member

    If you have made up your mind, then do it already. Why even bother to ask?

    I'm not gonna buy fish just to take a chance on killing them. You may have just gotten lucky the first time, or you may have caused long term health issues to them.

    Your money, do what you want.
  9. Daniel Nebushkow Member Member

    Woah man. Calm
    I was just wondering what everyone thought
  10. hacksaw15 Member Member

    I stand corrected.

  11. Daniel Nebushkow Member Member

    That's ok hacksaw
  12. toolman Well Known Member Member

    No problem, just saying this hobby is expensive enough without taking chances. My fish are relatively cheap, but I'm getting some that aren't and I don't think it's worth it. Buy the prime. Wish you luck whatever you do.
  13. Daniel Nebushkow Member Member