Question about a rabbit Help

  1. misfihts Initiate Member

    I'm posting this for a friend, she has a rabbit that will be 4 on the 31st of this month, her rabbit is named Maple. Maple has always been a little solitude, she doesn't care for company of another rabbit and lately has been acting out a bit, use to she would let my friend take her out for her walks and such but lately she doesn't want anything to do with the outside world, she gets a bit roudy when being taken out and just doesn't want to leave her cage, my friend isn't sure if it's anything and doesn't really have the money atm for a vet, not to mention she lives in a tiny town in Canada that doesn't really have a vet near her that specializes in rodents. She's still eating, drinking & going to the bathroom the same, she's just had a little change in attitude lately, any help would be greatly appreciated !
  2. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    Hmm it could actually be age!! I had a rabbit when I was a kid and she was always alittle moody but she would let us take her out and let her walk around. But right around 5 years old maybe even 4 I'm not really sure. She started acting like you are describing. Just pretty much like a grumpy old lady lol she was old and passed away awhile after she started acting like that. I'm not trying to give you or your friend bad news but that's just what I remember from mine. Good luck!

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  3. misfihts Initiate Member

    Thank you for the reply ! My friend was actually kind of preparing herself for that if that was the case :C
  4. Tonia Well Known Member Member

    One thing you may wish to do is get her out of the cage and check her all over just to be safe. Check her claws and trim them or have a pet groomer trim them if they are excessively long. Check her teeth to make sure they haven't overgrown too much. Try to feel her entire body for lumps, bumps or sores. You will also be checking to make sure she is of good weight and not too bony. Bunnies have such dense fur that it's hard to tell what is underneath without feeling them.

    Does she get to run loose in the house? it may be that she is feeling nervous outside, she may think predators will attack her. Maybe bring some grass to her, but make sure there are no pesticides on it. Another thing that bunnies love is chewing on fruit tree branches. Apple tree branches are a favorite. Do NOT give her pine or fir tree branches as the sap can be dangerous for the bunnies.

    Changes in behavior are often a sign that something is wrong. Bunnies can live much longer than 4-5 years if they are well taken care of. Actually, they can live 7-12 years or more. Another thing you may try is to offer her some grains and fiber. Because they groom themselves, bunnies can get hairballs, but don't cough them up as easily as a cat will.

    Best of luck with your bunny
  5. Micaela13 Well Known Member Member

    Your welcome :) also listen to shayla1 because she has some very good points and suggestions. Check the bunny really well.

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  6. misfihts Initiate Member

    My friend said that she did check her and found no lumps , she trims her nails regularly when needed , her teeth looked great , she has a good weight maintain , unfortunately her father doesn't let the rabbit in the house so it is outdoors in a large hutch , her rabbit prefers to be outside , she's mostly uneasy around dogs but there isn't any dogs near her for her to feel that way right now , what are some good grains to give ? Thanks for the info !

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  7. Tonia Well Known Member Member

    Most rodent or hamster mixes will be fine for her. They aren't just a treat as the small seeds can help get rid of the hair balls. Rabbits that are always outside do tend to have shorter life spans, unfortunately. This may be due to the weather fluctuations or just living a mostly solitary life when rabbits are made to live in warrens with company.

    If it is warm where you are right now, that hot weather can also make the bunny more quiet and not want to move around as much.. maybe put her leash on and let her hop around in the shade.. also if you wish to walk her.. try mornings and evenings when the weather is cooler. We have tons of wild rabbits that hang around with my chickens and I always see them in the morning and evening. During the hot part of the day, they are somewhere shady and cooler.

    Make sure she has plenty of water.. you can also give her some watermelon rinds. .the favorite human treat is also loved by bunnies.
  8. misfihts Initiate Member

    I'll let her know , I know she does take her for walks on a leash , she has a box in the cage and her rabbit has been hiding out in there and just refusing to come out or will just freak out when being taken out , hopefully those things will help her out. She does check on her rabbit daily and makes sure she has everything especially in winter time when its freezing .

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  9. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    Hi there. I have a house rabbit, she have free run of the house but that's besides the point. She has two teddies. one small one she literally carries around in her mouth and one she... loves (sometimes quite aggressively). Maybe a teddy friend is what she is needing? They can dominate them with no risk of injury, they can cuddle them and love them in many ways which can reduce stress. It's great company for them without an extra pet. Just make sure there are no loose bits or plastic eyes etc.

    Most of a rabbit's diet should consist of leafy greens suck as Kale, Spring greens, Savoy Cabbage, Dandelion leaves, Clover. Watery greens should be avoided, such as iceberg lettuce, cucumber. They need hay to eat as it gives them fibre. They enjoy most fruit as a treat.

    She has a chilled 2litre bottle of water at all times. I keep one in the fridge and swap them over every few hours incase she needs to cool down and she will lie next to it. A good way to cool them quickly.

    Lots of binkies.x
  10. Tonia Well Known Member Member

    Great ideas, hollie1505. I had a rabbit that loved jumping in a small cat litter pan with water.. he would lay in that to cool off during the summer months.
  11. misfihts Initiate Member

    I really love the teddy idea, I'll pass it onto her, she does do the chilled water . Thanks for the info !
  12. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    Don't be surprised if she tries to mate with the teddy. Fudgie does that A LOT and she is definitely a girl. Best of luck to her.xx
  13. garikapc Member Member

    These are all great suggestions and I think it could be a matter of age. Rabbits get very entrenched in their ways as they get older. It is rare for a rabbit to like to cuddle and be on leashes but I have heard of it and it seems the case here. The rabbit shifting away from that could just be a process of maturing. All the suggestions also point to try and dicing up things like a new food, toy, or tactic. They could also just be bored. Good luck.
  14. misfihts Initiate Member

    She knew it may come down to age, she got high fiber rabbit food from a neighbor so she's trying her on that & hoping her rabbit will eat it (her rabbit is a picky little thing).