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  1. jallshouse Initiate Member

    Its me again, i really appreciate the help so far. my next question reguards my filtration system, and what to do with maintenance. i have read some things on here about not replacing until water wont pass etc. so i thought i would list my specific equipment so i could get the right answers for my setup. i have an aqua-tech power filter model 20/40, and these are the questions i have about it:

    1. does the info i have found hold true to the blue carbon filter which says dont change till the water stops flowing freely, and when this happens just rince in tank water and reinstall, or should i change per directions and rinse in the sink and reinstall new one every two to four weeks?

    2. should i ever do anything with the white bio-filter that is installed in front of the blue cartridge or just leave it alone, from what i could tell this will contain good bactreia ans should be left alone. if i do clean it how often and should it be tap or tank water?

    Thanks in advance again, now i think i am on the right least till my master test kit comes (that the guy at the pet store told me i didnt need :-\) and i get some test readings outside the ammonia and ph that i have for testing now
  2. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    I'm not familiar with your filter, but if the carbon is part of your filter media, and the only way to replace it is to change all the filter media, then just leave it in there until your water flow is sluggish. If you can remove the carbon separately, just take it out. You really don't need carbon unless you are trying to remove medications. Rinse your floss in old tank water and continue to use the floss until you can't anymore. Is the white bio filter little ceramic rings, or the floss? If it's ceramic rings, just rinse like you would the floss in old tank water. Hope I didn't confuse you too much! ;)

  3. jallshouse Initiate Member

    gunnie.....the bio-filter i have (white in color) is a wire like material which i would guess is rhe floss type you describe? also shold i just pull the blue carbon filter out and just use the bio-filter only, thats how i understand it as of now. i guess from what i read so far i can use the blue carbon filter if i want too, just rince in tank water before installing a new one? sorry so many more questions on this subject, just want to get the basics down before moving on to learning the good stuff ;D
  4. Jason Well Known Member Member

    You can just use the bio-filter floss until you can get something to replace the carbon. Maybe a fine sponge! ;)

  5. jallshouse Initiate Member

    thanks j-man, i was reading about the sponges tonight. anyone have suggestions on what to get?