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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Maricalue, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. MaricalueValued MemberMember


    I am quite new in the hobby. I have 2 great places where I am looking to buy my upcoming fish but I wish to know where you guys buy your fish/equipment/plants in Canada (mostly in the Eastern part, Ontario, Quebec and maybe Maritimes). I am in the Montreal area.

    Do you buy online? If so, where?

    If you are looking for a specific fish and there is none in your lps, how do you proceed?


  2. CheesearmadaValued MemberMember

    Not quite sure if they ship to Canada but try live aquaria.

  3. FishFish221Well Known MemberMember

      sells fish, but shipping prices are crazy high, like almost every other website that sells fish.

  4. MaricalueValued MemberMember

    Good to know.
    I know it can be expensive, but if they have the fish I want... I don't find a lot of good lfs so my stocking options is pretty limited for now.

    Unfortunately no.
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  5. CheesearmadaValued MemberMember

    Try looking at The King of DIY and his youtube channel. He lives in Canada and orders online. I'd see what he uses.
  6. MaricalueValued MemberMember

    Already a fan! I follow him for the past 2-3 years.

    I will try to find his suppliers, he is in the Maritimes so not sure if it will do but it's a start!
  7. NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    We have very good retail in Montreal. In the suburbs, north, east and west, Pet Nature is usually good. Downtown, on St Hubert, Aquarium du Nord is a good special order, rarity place, and Aquarius on Jean Talon is an old established local store. The Safari chain carries the standard Singapore fish, exactly what you'd get with the bulk online places in the US - standards.Quebec Cichlides in Laval has top of the line Malawis.

    We also have two aquarium clubs, one in each language, and both feature auctions of uncommon fish. They run once a month from Sept to June.

    So what are you looking for?
  8. MaricalueValued MemberMember

    I knew about Quebec Cichlides and Aquarius (heard about Aquarium du Nord) but good to know about the others! Thanks @NavigatorBlack !

    And also thanks for the infos about the clubs. Do you have a website for those events?

    I am still in the planning phase, but I know Aquarius don't have ramirezi in stock for example. And I had to check a couples of time for the floating plants. I love to have multiple choices. I don't want to make choice only because of the availability.

    I went to a place in the West Islands a couple of years ago, it was a good place but I can't remember what it was. It was near the Fairview Pointe-Claire. Don't know if you know what I am talking about?
  9. NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    That's one of the Pet nature chain stores - it's a locally owned chain. There's one out by the Lafontaine tunnel, and one in Laval too.

    The clubs are the Montreal Aquarium Society (2nd wednesday of the month) and the Societe d'Aquariophile de Montreal (3rd tuesday). They have website, but not great ones. Check facebook.

    Rams are as common as dirt. Keep looking, or phoning. As for floating plants - Nature is usually good. In summer, stores don't restock aggressively as people are outside and don't buy a lot of aquarium stuff - it's the dead season for retail.

    I would never order rams online (I used to buy and sell a lot of fish online, so I have experience). They are too delicate, and you want to see their quality - there are a lot of sickly rams out there and I would never buy them sight unseen.
  10. JesseMoreira06Well Known MemberMember

    There also a fish store on the south shore in Longeuil called aquanimo , they sell a few fish that I havent seen much at other LFS such as keyholes and Parachromis managuensis.
  11. BHK3Well Known MemberMember

    I don't have any ideas for fish stores, but I just wanted to say hi - I live in the US right now but I grew up on the South Shore. :)
  12. MaricalueValued MemberMember

    Wow! Thank you so much for the infos @NavigatorBlack. I sure will check!

    Ahahah! Hi!

    Thanks! I will check that place too. Love to drive to visit stores ahaha.
  13. JesseMoreira06Well Known MemberMember

    Also on the south shore in Brossard called AZA Aquarium, They have a huge range of goldfish many deferent kinds with large selection. They also have alot of dicuss and African cichlids as well as the regular schooling fish. They have good reviews , I've been their and bought a few of my fish from them as well.

    I'm having problems finding more of the rare fish in montreal.
  14. NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    Our stores buy very conservatively, which is a shame as rarer stuff is available.
    We are far better off than many US regions where Petsmart and Petco buy centrally, and every store has exactly the same fish. I tend to look into stores when I travel, and they are usually all the same where the chains are - awful stores.
    At least here, if you can create a relationship with fishroom managers, they get to do their own ordering and the more energetic ones will enjoy finding you something no one else can. Montreal is actually a hub for fish importation, with a few good wholesalers. In Aquarius, Aquarium du Nord and Nature, a good percentage of the people working there know their stuff.
    A couple of years ago, we had a large store called Aquatica that went under - but they were great for creating competition and keeping the other stores awake. Things have been duller since they closed down.
  15. BHK3Well Known MemberMember

    My sister-in-law suggested Aquatropicale in Saint Constant ( ). Her dad also goes to "a Chinese place on the south shore" for most of his fish. She's going to get me the name of that place and I'll let you know!
  16. JesseMoreira06Well Known MemberMember

    I don't really like aquatropical , don't fine their quality on stock to be good, Also not the friendlyist of staff in my experience, but they do have really cheap prices on fish which also scares me.

    I wouldn't be surprised your talking about AZA Aquarium, own by a chinese family and alot of people go their, They also have great reviews on Google. I have bought many of my fish from them. Very friendly people but be CAREFUL they'll sell you anything just to make money , I've asked them questions that I know the answers to for example I've ask how many blood parrots in a 30g , The owner answered 6 or 7 which is ridiculous, 1 blood parrot needs a 55g to himself, They will also sell you common plecos for small tanks. Do your research before going their, but fish quality seems to be pretty good and they have a wide selection.

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