Quarry Sand?

  1. D

    Dooley New Member Member

    More questions!

    Looking into sand as the substrate. Pool filter sand has been suggested, also washed play sand.

    Some of the sand and quarry companies advertise river sand.

    Some state that it is actual river sand. Some other stuff is crushed quartz or what just looks like unwashed play sand.

    Anyone used the stuff?

    Would be nice if there was a happy medium between the aquarium suppliers sand which is obscenely expensive for small quantities and quarry/landscape suppliers which is cheap and in bulk.
  2. CanadianFishFan

    CanadianFishFan Well Known Member Member

    I have heard of pool filter sand being used ( I have not used it) and it seems to work nicely as long as you wash it good. I have watched King Of DIY use this stuff for his tanks and he said it was good aswell. Id assume its cheap, you can check homed depot, canadian tire,walmart and maybe amazon.
  3. DoubleDutch

    DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    PFS is greatttttt !!!

    "Designed" to not close down (instead of other types), so no gasspockets aso.

    I admit : I am in love with PFS

    My ribberlip on it 004fff8ee6ace31498dd2ba2d347e92d.jpg
  4. OP

    Dooley New Member Member

    Cheers guys. Think I'll go this way then.

    Have found some filter sand. Play sand/white washed sand is easy enough to find. Apparently river sand is available which is a grey off white which I may get some to see if it looks any good.