Quarantining Plants? I Want To Avoid Hitchhikers

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So first time with planted tank, and have been slowly adding plants for the last couple weeks. I have been buying mainly tissue culture type plants to avoid pest snails and haven't seen any so far on java ferns, rosette sword and anubias so far.

I did buy a crypt out of a tank at a store the other day and will be getting around to planting it today or tomorrow. It is in a small pot with the rock wool, looks very healthy. I looked closely at the tank it was in, as well as the other plants that were in there and didn't see any adult snails moving around (tank glass wasn't super clean or terribly well lit so I can't say for sure 100%). I did see a couple fish swimming around in the plant holding tank so it wasn't just water, it was at least cycled. I asked an employee if they knew if there were snails in that tank, and we both looked for a few mins and couldn't see any, but the employee said she couldn't be 100% sure there weren't snails in there.

I took a chance and brought it home. I am hesitant to dip in bleach as I know crypts are prone to melt, and am wondering if I can get it to not melt too bad since it has been in water for some time now. I have had it in a glass vase submerged in de-chlorinated water to see if I could see anything going on in there.

I am trying to avoid introducing pest snails at this time so I have a few questions. Is my holding the plant in the vase doing any good at all? I haven't seen any snails, and I assume that if there were any I may have seen them moving around by now? When I pull the plant out of the pot to break it up before planting would eggs be visible to the naked eye? would rubbing down each leaf do any good to remove anything? If I take a really good look at each plant-let would I see spots/eggs and be able to address? or am I still flipping a coin by putting this in my tank? I plan on looking it over very closely when I am getting it out of the pot and breaking it up. Is this thing going to melt anyway and should I just dip it to be safe? or will that kill the plant?

Thanks for the help.


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A lot of people do dips with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water or a bleach water solution. I just did a through inspection of the plant, making sure that I don't see snails or eggs and run it under water while I'm picking at the plants.

You could just put them in a tank with water in there and see what happens. But snails reproduce so it might not work out as well as just reviewing them and maybe doing a dip if you want to really make sure nothing comes in.


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I don't really have answers to your questions, but, I did bring pest snails on a plant before to my aquarium. It was one of my first plants, and actually I had no idea what pest snails were, so I was actually excited to find 2 tiny baby snails ... I kept them in there for couple of days ... until I leaned what they were. I only took them out after like a week. And I never seen any since then. This was two months ago. So I am not sure how common snail explosions are, but I found the pest snail problem not to be a big of deal, maybe I was just lucky though
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