Quarantining fish with popeye Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by ~Fanci~, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. ~Fanci~

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    I noticed this morning that my adult Dalmation Mollies eyes are bulging and she is acting a bit sluggish. I am sure that she has popeye. Went about this morning setting up my old 10g tank and am waiting for the temperature to adjust. I used water from the main tank as well as some filter media. I bought a 5 day treatment pkg of a product called "Marayn" by SENTRY AQ that I will start on as soon as I get her into the 10g.

    Question- How long should I let the tank run before I change her over to it?

    I have been reading up on popeye and have learned it's a bacteria infection (none of the other fish appear to be affected though). Not sure what it could be from....I don't believe that I overfeed. Any suggestions?
  2. navyscuba

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    Well Popeye is a bacterial infection mostly provoke by poor water quality. Sometimes the filter cartridges clogged a bit and water is not getting clean. I recommend do a water change in your main tank. Check your decorations there might be some residue of fish food that is affecting your fish. Run your filter before you put the fish in.
  3. Shawnie

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    +2...popeye can mainly be treated with a few extra water changes and some extra vitamins like vita chem or fish protector..meds arent usually needed..do you know your current ammonia/nitrites/nitrates? mini cycles are sneaky and can catch us all of guard
  4. OP

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    I do fairly frequent water changes with the gravel vac and I give the filter a rinse every 3-4 weeks when I replace the carbon. When I got my YoYo's I also bought sinking shrimp pellets...could they be leaving food residue? I have also started dropping a cucumber slice in one night a week (My pleco LOVES this). I sometimes leave it in for 2 days...could that be a bacteria problem?

    "+2...popeye can mainly be treated with a few extra water changes and some extra vitamins like vita chem or fish protector..meds arent usually needed.."

    Should I even bother quaranting her then? Or any of the other fish if they get it? Would it be best to leave them in the main tank and keep up on some more frequent water changes until they're doing better?

    I think I will go and do a quick water test right now to see what my tank readings are at...
  5. navyscuba

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    There's your problem if you put veggies in your tank do it at night and pull it out in the morning. Leaving it there probably starting to rot and get too soft and pieces might get stuck somewhere in the gravel and messing your water.
  6. OP

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    Oh no, eek! Well...lesson learned, hopefully only at the cost of the price I paid buying meds and not my poor fish :( I will be sure to take any future, uneaten veggies out of the tank sooner next time.

    ps- water params are all normal, so it probably is from the leftover food stuffs.

    Thank you all for the help!