Quarantined An Algelfish


I have had a pair of Angels in a 29-gallon tank for almost a year without any trouble but all of that changed a couple of weeks ago. One of them is a little bigger than the other and it appears to to be a male. You would think he would be the aggressive one but that's not the case The female is the thug, in fact, she is constantly attacking the quiet one. This morning I put her in time out in the quarantine tank that is always ready to go. I'm going to keep her in there for a couple of weeks then put her back on a very short leash.I`m hoping I don`t have to rehome her

75g Discus Tank

You can't tell gender really until you see their breeding tubes.

Also, a 29 is the bare minimum for 1 angelfish, so it's probably territory problems that led to the aggression.

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