Quarantine with 1 tank

  1. Rarotongan

    Rarotongan Valued Member Member

    I only have one tank now.... I used to have more but I have down sized to just one.
    I now don't have another tank that I can use for quarantine when I get new fish, so what can I do instead when I get new fish to stop them spreading diseases etc to my other fish???
  2. BluMan1914

    BluMan1914 Well Known Member Member

    I will be in the same boat as you. The only thing that I can really recommend is that you treat that tank as a QT. When you get your first fish, keep an eye out on them for about a month, within that time some diseases may appear. After that month, add new fish. I am only going to add new fish once every two months.
    But the most important thing to remember a lot will depend on the LFS and how well they keep their tanks. Also when you go and get your fish take the time and watch the fish. Are they behaving as they are supposed, are they lethargic, are they swimming at the top/bottom tank breathing hard, are the fins clamped, are they scratching themselves? Even if the fish you want look fine and healthy, what about the others that are in there? So many other things to look for. And if one thing is off, walk away.