Quarantine tank?


I'm setting up a quarantine tank for my saltwater tank. I'm pretty sure it won't have any live rock in it for a while. I just bought 50 lbs, but I'm putting it all in my big tank. My question is, should I have a protein skimmer in the quarantine tank? I will only use it to quarantine 2 clownfish and a pacific Blue Tang. After that it will be empty and only used if one of my fish get sick. Just doesn't seem like it would be neccesary or cost efficient...
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Re: Quarantine tank???

Generally with a qt tank you're going to be monitoring your new arrivals frequently and performing more frequent water changes to get them settled down from the stress of shipping. So, if you're doing the frequent water changes and the bioload isn't off the charts I think you would be ok not having a protein skimmer in the quarantine tank.

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