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Discussion in 'Saltwater Tank Equipment' started by fish4life157, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. fish4life157Valued MemberMember

    Hello Fish lore! I have a fully operational eclipse 3 saltwater tank with 2-part filtration, 25 watt heater, 85 gph power head, live sand, standard light, and live rock. The tank has gone through a full cycling and all levels are normal with salinity, nitrate, ammonia, etc. I wanted to use this 3 gallon saltwater tank as a quarantine tank for my main 55 gallon FOWLR saltwater setup. I plan to use the quarantine tank for a pair of clowns, 3 chromis, six line wrasse, royal gamma, coral beauty, and possibly a Midas Blenny (all at different times of course). Can the three gallon fully operational tank be used as a quarantine tank? I am asking this because I want to make sure it was large enough for the young fish I plan to keep in it. Please give me as much input as you can. THANKS!
  2. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    IMO, a 5 or 10G would be a better size for a QT.

    Also, with a QT, bare bottoms tend to be better suited, with just some PVC piping for caves/hiding spots. If you have to treat the tank, the med's will get absorbed into the sand/live rock, which isn't great if you intend on keeping inverts in the tank.
  3. fish4life157Valued MemberMember

    But will it work?
  4. JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

    In sense yes but as Ryan said if you every use meds inverts can not be QT in it. Due to a lot of meds have Copper in them which is toxic to inverts.
  5. fish4life157Valued MemberMember

    @ryanr I took your advise and purchased a marine land LED kit 10 gallon tank. I will only put PVC and maybe some small flower pots in the 10 gallon quarantine tank instead of sand and live rock. I will just move the cycled live rock into the main 55 gallon and take the small 3 gallon tank apart and store it somewhere. I did alot of research and what you said was correct. Thanks for saving my butt yet again!

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