Quarantine tank finally

  1. Andrew Sackett

    Andrew Sackett Valued Member Member

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1406756631.203230.jpg I finally got around to setting a quarantine tank up after ick came into my tank a few days ago but how do I cycle it? Can I just drop a few flakes in everyday? And do I have to do water changes weekly or just before I get a new fish?

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  2. Anon

    Anon Valued Member Member

    I just set up the QT tank quick when I get new fish. I use water from the other tank and an extra sponge filter that I always have running in the other tank so it stays seeded. If you're gonna keep the QT tank running then I would just cycle it like any other tank. Just like you said, drop a few flakes every day. I'm not sure on the water change. Maybe once or twice before adding fish and then just as long as the fish are in there.