Quarantine questions with new German blue rams


I am excited and have a lot to unpack here, so please bear with me, this could be long. I am making my attempt to raise blue rams and am super excited to add them to my 75 gallon community tank. I picked up my two guys (or gals?) on Thursday. I was attempting to get one of each sex, but I’m still not convinced I was successful. I believe they are juveniles, about 1.5-2 inches each. They were very active and had decent color when I picked them. They were very feisty in the bag, picking at the sides of the bag for the first part of the trip home. Unfortunately, by the time I got them home, a little over an hour away, they had lost most of their color and were very timid. I acclimated them for over an hour to my QT, adding about 2 oz of tank water to the floating bag every 10 minutes.

Since placing them in the tank they have started to gain color, but they still stay hidden most of the time. I feel like I need to sneak in the room where the QT is located just to catch a glimpse of them. Mostly I just sit in the chair next to their tank for long periods of time hoping they make an appearance and get used to me. They have both established a place in the tank as their hiding space, one behind the sponge filter, the other inside a log decoration. They stay close to the bottom, rarely getting more than and inch off the ground, and mostly hover just above it. They interact with each other on occasion, but I only notice it as I first walk in the room, then they scatter to their respective hiding spots. There hasn’t been any aggression or fighting behaviors that I have seen.

They finally started to eat within the last day or two. I started with Omega One First Flakes, but they seemed uninterested. Two nights ago I tried API bottom feeder pellets that my other fish go crazy for and I had success with one of them, and to my delight the second one came out and ate theirs last night. At first I just dropped two pellets in and only the one came out, so last night I placed one pellet in each of their “territories” and that is when I had success. How many pellets should they be getting a day? I don’t want to over or under feed. The bottle says what they will eat in 30 minutes twice a day and they both ate their pellet in under 30 minutes once they got started on it. I am also concerned about when they do go into the main tank them not being as competitive for food because the ones in there go crazy as soon as I drop it in. Hopefully these guys(?) will come around.

Two days ago I noticed a few ich spots on them. I dosed with super ick cure and raised the temp from 81 to 85. I haven’t seen any spots since. I did however notice a white area on one of the spikes of the dorsal fin on one of them. It is bigger than an ich spot and is just the tip of one spike. One of the fish got a spike caught in the netting when I put them in the tank, so I am thinking it may just be healing from injury from that, but I can’t be sure. The area doesn’t appear to be getting any larger, but it is difficult for me to look at closely because they stay hidden all the time. Any other thoughts on what it could be or what else to look for?

If you got this far, thank you. I am excited and I really can’t wait for these guys(?) to get comfortable and start coming out more often so I can see their personalities emerge. I have enjoyed watching them, when they let me. Any input on the feeding, the white area on the spike, or ways to make them more comfortable while in the QT would be greatly appreciated.


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Both look male IMO.
I would as much as they can eat.
No such thing as an overfed ram.
Look into frozen foods.
To breed and raise fry you need tons of patience, good stock, a separate tank for the pair and luck!
Many thread on raising rams here.
They may breed easy, but raising the fry is next level for most.
keep your temp 83+ for them.


Both look male IMO.
I would as much as they can eat.
No such thing as an overfed ram.
Look into frozen foods.
Good info! I got live blackworms yesterday and was wondering how much I could safely feed them. They eat worms a lot faster than pellets!

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