Quarantine.. Introducing Fish To Shrimp Only Tank


Greetings. Looking for advice/experiences... I have a decently established 20 gallon long currently housing cherry shrimp, MTS, and a ramshorn snail. I am getting 10 (if all survive shipping) chilI rasbora in a day or so. Seeing as there are no fish in the tank currently, do you suggest I still quarantine? I'm not well enough informed to know if fish can carry anything that would transfer to or infect shrimp/snails.

I have a 2.5 gallon tank and an extra sponge filter, along with other media I can borrow from a well established 9g Fluval housing neons and corydoras( 20 gallon shrimp tank is running with a matten filter so can't really take that), so setting up a quarantine is not the issue. I'm more wondering if it's actually necessary since there aren't other fish currently in the tank that they will be going into.

What has been your experience, if any, with this? Also, I know there are a lot of mixed opinions on how long to quarantine and whether to medicate while in quarantine as a 'just in case', but I'm leaning towards not medicating unless absolutely necessary if I do the quarantine tank.

I bought the fish on Ebay.. so I'm also leaning towards the quarantine just for that reason, but as stated above, I'm not sure if it's necessary since there are no other fish currently housed in the tank.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice, suggestions, experience, etc. !!


Quarantine tanks aren't necessary unless they can house the fish you are quarantining for weeks at a time without any increased stress from substrate changes, space, parameters, decorations and lighting.

You are better off putting them in the tank and treating as you notice things. Fish get sick when they are stressed, and putting them into the established tank will be the best option in my opinion. The shipping will be stressful for them, so getting them into a comfortable place as soon as possible would be best.

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