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Is there any other way faster to seed up my quarantine filter with beneficial bacteria for my qt tank?What if I use nutrafin cycle?That has beneficial bacteria to seed up my filter and I have a half a bottle of it


Most people usually leave their quarantine filter in their established tank. That way when the QT is needed all you need to do is pull the already cycled filter out of the main tank & hood it up to the QT. If that won't work for you try using some of the already cycled media from your established filter. Just don't take too much as you don't want to interrupt the cycle in your main tank.


One thing I do is just stuff some extra filter floss in an established tank, and then take it out when needed. Another good option is to run a sponge filter in an established tank and use it when needed. I suggest against using the Cycle product.


Good morning. Great suggestions above.

I would also recommend that if you do seed your Quarantine tank with media from a well established tank, do NOT return the media used in Quarantine to the established tank. Don't risk disease into your main tank.

I would also avoid using Cycle to establish a cycle in your tank.



good advice above!
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