Quarantine? Explain that to the betta.


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Well it has been one week since I got replacements and put them in the 5.5 gallons tank. Three Harlequins and one betta. I planned on leaving them in for a month to observe but.. I woke up tonight with a massive headache and I sat across from the 5.5 gallons tank (lights off) that has a white background so the betta would stop flaring at his reflection, and I could see the three harlequins out in the open. All of a sudden the black silhouette of the betta slowly creeps out of the plants and he starts nipping and attacking the baby harlequins. I reckon he is about six months old and the Harlequins should be 3 months at best but they are super tiny. I mean the attack was vicious, after he would bite one he would swim to the other and bite that one too. I turned on the lights and he was undaunted, he kept going at them even when I poked him. I had to mess up his bubble nest to get his attention and that kept him occupied until I evacuated the harlequins. So this betta made it obvious he does not like tank mates, I am surprised since he seemed like he got along except for some random flaring. At least when the lights were on. Anyways, I didn't do a full month of quarantine as desired, but I moved them into the 20 gallons with the bigger but more friendly fish. I added small fish in this tank before, so I know I can trust my fish around the tiny harlequins. I am worried that I didn't quarantine and one harlequin has something sticking out where his mouth is.. I gave him a salt bath but that thing didn't go away. It looks like its "skin" (yeah I know they have scales), not sure what it is.. But it looks like a mini horn believe it or not. I hope they are healthy enough and this move doesn't affect the health of my other fish, I also plan on medicating for internal parasites and bacteria as soon as I get the medication. I have had some unexplained losses in the past that make me suspect there is a bacteria issue or a parasite issue.. also one of my false julii corydoras has changed color and has been almost completely white for the past 6 months. She had cloudy eyes but that went away. I plan on using less than the recommended dose for my tank so I won't unnecessarily stress them, I hope the fish will be fine.


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Could you attach a picture? If you are really worried you could just take out that one fish and quarantine them for a little while and see what happens. However if it is something that needs treatment it is easier to tell with a picture.

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