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    But the other thing that will lessened the issue of quarantine new fish is a good ( 9 volts or higher -about $100.00) is a good uv sterilizer. The bad thing is that not only will they kill anything introduced ( disease and pathogen wise) is medication so if you are doing a whole tank medication turn it off. The other good thing about uv is that it will help keep you tank clean ( those green tanks will be gone) but will also help control algae and will keep your tank clean ( within limits of course)
    Read up on them and you decide wherever your tank would be good for it. I don't know about any tank smaller than 29 gallons. Check up while your reading up on them
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    :) Welcome to FishLore!!

    I feel like I walked into the middle of a conversation. lol
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    Was something copied and pasted here? :confused:
  4. OP

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    I have been on fishlore for quite sometime. I just upgraded my info. I started out with a 13 gal and am now getting ready to go to a 55 gal from a 30 gal ( 13 to 20 to 30)
    Gal I probably missed the UV discussion somewhere but it dies have to with Quaranting a tank.

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