QT tank/invert tank?

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hI guys

ive got a 16g (uk) boyu betta tank that I'm currently using as a QT tank

I quite fancy leaving it permanently set up as a invert/QT tank

at the moment its got a gravel bottom,fake plant and a piece of bogwood, I know the decor is not necessary but I think it makes the fish feel more safer

it has a 50w heater and a hob filter seeded from my main tank, no airstone but have the hob outlet above the water line for water agitation

I was wondering if I replaced the filter with this 1

could I use it as a shrimp/mts tank and a QT tank and leave it set up permanently?

I would replace the fake plant and put in some java moss

the only downside I can see is some meds kill inverts and if I use it as a QT tank I might need to use those meds

anyone tried this?

views and comments welcomed

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I couldn't see the filter since the bidding has ended, but if you decide to get a filter make sure to get a pre filter sponge so the shrimps/shrimplets won't sucked into the filter.

I have several concerns about using your Invert tank as a QT tank as well

-if you do get sick fish and decide to treat with meds, invertebrates are usually sensitive to fish meds

-I would be worried about the fish eating your shrimps

-not sure if the beneficial bacteria in an invertebrate will be able to accommodate the additional bio-load when you get fish QT unless you do one or two fish at a time (can be mistaken here)
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-not sure if the beneficial bacteria in an invertebrate will be able to accommodate the additional bio-load when you get fish QT unless you do one or two fish at a time (can be mistaken here)

No, I agree. (With all the other stuff too, of course.) If your bacterial colony is large enough to handle, say, 20 RCS, then you suddenly throw in a few platys (for example), you'll have to go through a mini-cycle. Not only would you have to deal with possible illness if the fish were already sick, but putting them through a mini-cycle would compromise their immune systems and they'd be more susceptible to disease.

You could keep extra filter media in another tank, then move it over when you wanted to quarantine fish, but that still doesn't help the problem of medications, and that many aren't safe for inverts, should you need to medicate your new fish.

I suppose if you really wanted an invert tank and didn't want to purchase a new tank, you could use the quarantine tank as an invert tank, and then when you want to quarantine fish, move the inverts to your main tank (assuming you didn't have any reasons you couldn't, like aggressive fish or assassin snails) and move extra filter media to the quarantine tank while you quarantine the new tank. To be honest, this sounds like a huge pain to me; you might as well buy a 5.5 gallon to use as it's own invert tank, and break down the quarantine tank (putting the filter media in your main tank, of course) while it's not in use.
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thanks guys

I thought the meds might be a problem so looks like I'm off to the car boots at the weekend to see if I can get myself a shrimp tank

whats a pre filter sponge? is that a filter that runs off just an airline? so there is no suction on it?

thank you
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It looks like this:

you attach it to your intake cage.


you can get a sponge filter instead of HOB.
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I see what you mean now

would 1 or 2 of these be ok in a 10 gallon as the only filtration?
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I think one would be good enough for a shrimp tank it should say on the specs how many gallons is that for.

or you can try amazon, here is a link to a different sponge filter:

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