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Quick question... I have just moved my fish from my QT tank today to put in DT, now since I'm not done stocking and looking to get a few more fish on Thursday, How can I keep the tank cycled until Thursday? all it has in it is a chunck of LR and a few decorations.I know I can move the hob filter to main tank but won't the water in QT get gross without filtration for 2 days? my question is will the tank be okay for 2 days if I just drop some food like flakes/freeze dried shrimp for 2 days until I get more fish?
Dropping some food in there should be enough. There should also be some fish waste in there from the fish that were in there today. You just need to make sure that you have some sort of ammonia source. I would question how much of a difference it would even make since it is only two days. If you take the filter out there could be a rise in ammonia in the water as the fish waste breaks down and there isn't anything in there to convert it. I also question how much damage you could possibly do in just two days since that doesn't seam like all that much time. My recommendation would be to just keep the filter in there and drop some food in there. Another option would be to keep a fish in there until you get the new fish.
This is what I do. I use a part of the filter from a healthy tank and some gravel... and water so its instant cycled but that's just me.

EDIT- WOW this is salt water section... Forgive me if I said something stupid...
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