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Discussion in 'More Saltwater Aquarium Topics' started by slipknotgrrl83, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. slipknotgrrl83Valued MemberMember

    I just set up my QT tank yesterday using water from main tank. it is starting to cloud up.. I have one fish in there now who I need to return due to aggression issues. I have a HOB filter and a powerhead and parameters are in check, Any ideas what could be causing it?
  2. 1971roadrunnerWell Known MemberMember

    As long as the water params and fish behavior are good I wouldn't worry too much about it. Some things to consider would be any substrate that got mixed up, minicycle (too soon but?) or maybe just let the water settle. I hoping you didn't have any cleaning residue in there but I doubt you would do that. Keep us posted.
  3. slipknotgrrl83Valued MemberMember

    Yeah it is bare bottom so no substrate and no I didn't add any cleaning supplies, I know better! LOL. maybe it is the water just settling. I decided to keep it up permanently instead of hurrying it together when I need it. I will give it a few days! only one in there is pseudo until I get him to the store to return him!
  4. GgAcEValued MemberMember

    Question.... What is the point of a QT tank if you used the same water from the infected tank?

    To answer your initial question however, you ARE going through a cycle!

    Right. Let's bare in mind that the good bacteria is not generally free floating. It attaches to gravel, decor, & most of the time your filtration.

    If you are using an infected tanks source water, I guess a QT tank may only be as good as the fish in it. I hope the infection is not water based & is specific to your fish. If so, take decor or gravel from the settled tank. Simply place it in the NEW tank to act as a seed. This should get the new bacteria growing faster.

    Edit: I failed to read the whole thread the first time. The fish was quarantined for AGGRESSION & NOT illness. My wholehearted apology! My seeding suggestion still stands =)
  5. slipknotgrrl83Valued MemberMember

    Yes I normally do not use same water but I had to remove him in a hurry before he killed my other fish!
    no harm done LOL and Thank you for suggestion!
  6. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    With a SW, it also means you don't have to acclimate, as salinity and other parameters are the same. Remembering too, a QT is to keep/isolate one fish from the general population so that it doesn't introduce disease to an existing healthy system ;)

    As to the cloudiness experienced, it could just be from moving water. If the water was 'dumped' in, it could get a little cloudy but should settle quickly. Also, lighting can play a part, some lights make a tank look cloudy when it's not really.
  7. slipknotgrrl83Valued MemberMember

    Thanks ryanr for your input

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