Q: How to control the ph,kh and gh in Tap water, stabled ph 24 hours a day

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    Hello dear members :)

    i am a new member hear, i have a planted aquarium, 2 discus and about another 40 tetra fish, in a 120 ltr tank of tap water, 60w 10000 k & 40w 6500 k , weipro ph controller, and co2 kit, and a UV sterilizer.
    i have 2 questions please, any body can help me,
    1- How to control the ph,kh and gh in Tap water?
    2- is it ok to keep the co2 running at night because if i stoped it and put the lights off the ph raises from 6.8 to 7.8 at midnight, i read before, that the plants needs a stabled ph 24 hours a day.
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    Controlling PH in the aquarium has to do with your KH value. Now if you remember in my write up, KH gives your water the ability (or lack of) to hold its pH stable. This you cannot control straight from the tap. So your next best solution would be to simply test all of your values in your tap water, and take it from there. Unless these values are on the extreme sides of the scale, then you will be perfectly fine to accommodate your fish, even your discus. They will happily adjust to the values as you go, and seeing as the values will stay stable coming from the tap, your fish will only endure one adjustment phase.

    As for your CO2, there is no problem running this at night. What i would recommend is while this is left running, you run an airline in the tank at night, to ensure that you dont enforce a co2 overdose during the night periods. Hook the air pump to a timer, opposite to your lighting, and then you dont have to worry about it again :)
    The plants will cope with an unstable pH over the day, and in fact in nature, this is exactly what happens. However, because the aquarium is an enclosed space, the pH fluctuates much more than in nature, hence where you may have read that. I must note though that pH stability is one of the last concerns of aquatic plant care, far behind temperature, CO2, fertilizers and lighting.

    Good luck nevertheless :)
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    many thanks to you iZaO Jnr :)
    ok, i will check these values, can you give me the right values for the KH and all the needed Gh for both of the plants and the fish, so not to be on the extreme side of the scale, i have an air stone which i can use it with the co2 at night. by the way i forgot to tell that, the tank had an ActiSubstrate as a carpet, so, do i need to put the k, mg, fe into the water
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    please, tell me what's the acceptable values of Tds in tap water for planted and fish Tanks