Python Questions!!!!!

Carrying bucket after bucket of water is getting very, very tiring...
So I've been thinking about getting a Python vac.
But I have some questions about how it works.

-How do I treat the water if it comes straight from the faucet?
-How can I match the new water's temperature to the water in the tank? I don't want my fishes going into shock.
-Which vacuum is worth the money: Python or Lee's vac?

Just put the treatment in the water as it is filling up. You put cold/luke warm water in so it's not too cold.
We have a 50' python...I'd go with that. It's the best invention for fish keepers with 30gs+. I recommend it for sure.
Yeah this product is necessary for bigger tanks, get one if you need it.
we have a 25' one and we LOVE it. It make water changes SO much easier.

I just add the Prime in the water stream as I fill the tank back up.
Also to get the water the right temp. I use a instant read thermometer in my cupped hand under the "pump." Does that make sense to you?
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yes I understand. I just might invest in this then. It's such a hassle to fill the buckets, dump the water, refill it body aches after a while from so much work! lol
I hurt my back once...but it still hasn't convinced me to spend that much money...Just convinced me I need to get stronger.
the python is very much worth it, I was skeptical too, but wouldn't go back to buckets for anything now. i'd recommend it for anyone with over a 20 gallon tank - before buying a single fish.
I'm actually looking into gravel vacuums right now, so I'll just go after this part of your question:
Which vacuum is worth the money: Python or Lee's vac?
I don't know, but I barely missed getting to the LFS today and instead found another brand at PetSmart this evening, just to throw another name into the mix:

Aqueon Water Changer

soliciting information about it.

Best of luck.
Tavel said:
I hurt my back once...but it still hasn't convinced me to spend that much money...Just convinced me I need to get stronger.

HAA I work as a wrench turner and lift parts that are easliy as heavy as a full 5 gallon bucket on a regular basis and I still want one of these. Its not just the wieght of the water its the repetitive motion parts of slowly taking water out and refilling that really get me.

I'll be ordering today so it here in time for my first scheduled gravel cleaning next week.
If you order on line they are not that much money,even with shipping.They have ones with 50 feet of hose at my LFS for $85 to $95,I thought this was crazy so I never got one.I ordered one(python) from Foster and Smith,for $54,I will never go with out one again.I even use it for my daughters 5 and my 10 gallon tanks,it is well worth the money.I can clean and re-fill all my tank in less than 20 minutes.I wondered about adding the water conditioner also,I just measure out what I need for each tank,and add it as the fresh water is going in.

120 gallon
30 gallon
20 gallon
10 gallon x2
5 gallon x2
I paid $30 for mine from Aquarium Guys ().

It was $45 or $50 at the local PetSmart.
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