Python Is A *must-have* !!!

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  1. Ferretlady

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    Oh my goodness --- I don't know HOW we ever got by without these things! Lugging buckets of water - that's *history* for me!!! Many years ago, when we had multiple tanks, I remember that was always a bit of a pain, doing water changes - getting the syphon going, lugging bucket after bucket after bucket of water back & forth... and invariably, no matter how careful you were, sooner or later, water would slop out of the bucket & make a bit of a mess.

    If you're new (or "new again") to fish-keeping.... get yourself a Python!!!! (or one of the identical gizmos made under other brands) I just cannot TELL you how much easier it makes things! Even if you only have one tank (like me) and it's not very big (like me, again) --- this thing is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Yes, they are a bit costly -- but OMG, if I were starting totally from scratch again, knowing what I know now -- the Python would seriously be the **very first thing** I would buy, along with the tank itself - before I bought anything else! I will NEVER go without one now that I've used one!!!

    Need to do frequent (or even daily) water changes for any reason? NO problem at all! Oh, it is such hard back-breaking work (*snark*).... hook the python to the faucet, put the other end in the tank & turn the faucet on. LOL - the most "difficult" part of all, is simply rolling the hose back up neatly when you're done! LOL! Even if you only have a small tank & only do one water change a week or less frequently - it is STILL worth it, IMO!!!

    When I decided to get back into fish-keeping, I was a wee bit concerned about doing water changes, as I have moderate back problems now -- so that's one more reason I just ADORE the python! But seriously, even if I were 18 years old again, and in perfect shape - I'd STILL want to have one of these!!! LOL - sorry to babble - but IMO, it really is THAT great and is SO useful & makes water changes SOOOOOO easy!!! Seriously - do yourself a favor, save up $$ if you have to - but get yourself one of these things!!! You won't regret it!!!
  2. AWheeler

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    Everyone who owns one feels the same way! :)
  3. PartiTime

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    I don't own a tank over 20 gallons, but I have a Python! :D

    Okay so I have the squeeze bulb + hose/tube....and the 25 ft system...and an extra mini size one....and an extra squeeze bulb....and some extra tubing.

    I just really, really love Python!
  4. Jinx13

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    So you just connect it to the tap directly? How do you get the correct temperature and when do you put in the conditioner?
  5. AWheeler

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    Once you have done it a few times it is easy to match the temp of the tank, you have to know the right degree to turn each handle. You put the conditioner in the tank as you go to fill up the water.
  6. max h

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    You just try to match the tap water temperature with the tank water a close as you can. Some use a thermometer to make the temps. I do a slow fill with water changes, the tank only drops a degree or two normally just enough to get the cory's to spawn if they are ready. The conditioner like prime you just dose for the whole volume of the tank prior to refilling.
  7. Jinx13

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    Thank you very much and thanks for this thread op I probably wouldn't have considered it otherwise
  8. Letsfish

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    Where my tanks sit is in my basement which is finished with carpet,I have never spilled a drop on the rug.;)
  9. itsayes

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    About to do my 2nd water change with my python...I'm actually looking forward to it! Incredible device!
  10. max h

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    You just Jinxed yourself.
  11. AngelTheGypsy

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    Yep. Depending on your faucet you may have to find a specific adapter, like I did, but it screws to where the aerator comes off.

    When you turn the water in it comes out of the bottom into the sink. I use a thermometer to get it exactly where I want it. At this point it is creating a vacuum so go gravel vac/remove water. When enough has been removed, simply take it out of tank.

    Now dose the tank directly with conditioner for the entire tank. If you removed 25% of a 40 gallon tank, dose the tank for 40 gallons.

    I also use the filler hook, and this is when I switch it over. Then change the spin knob on the bottom of he part connected to the faucet and water goes to the tank, at your desired temperature, into the tank where the conditioner takes care of it!

    I bought it for my big tanks, but use it in my 5 gallon betta tanks now too!!!! If it reaches, I use it!
  12. BottomDweller

    BottomDwellerFishlore VIPMember

    So expensive though! 15m one is £90 on amazon!
  13. itsayes

    itsayesValued MemberMember

    You can probably make a diy python. I'm sure there's a video or instructions somewhere on the interwebs.
  14. SuperK

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    If King of DIY hasn't he should, Joey has some great videos.
  15. Bizarro252

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    If I didnt have one... there is NO way I would have more than one tank! Probably would have stuck with a fishbowl :p haha

    And yes, you can DIY a python, easiest way would be to only buy the part that hooks to the sink (this sells separate, you could make it too.) and the rest is just off the shelf parts at home depot.
  16. max h

    max hWell Known MemberMember

    The part that hooks to the sink is also available anywhere that sells waterbed supplies.
  17. Letsfish

    LetsfishWell Known MemberMember

    If there is a week link in the system the diverter is it.I bought a extra one just in case.;)
  18. Landos

    LandosWell Known MemberMember

    I siphon the water out of a window with a regular one while I fill a 30gal bin, then use a $15 water pump to pump it into the tank.
    Takes me about 30min to do a water change on my 75 and most of it is just waiting around
  19. Tiny_Tanganyikans

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    I made my own out of vinyl tubing and pvc from home depot since I needed a significantly longer section. It was about 1/3rd the price of the and I built a chamber for and fertilizers. It works similar to a miracle gro attachment that way I can condition new water rather than treating the tank which is a concept I'm not keen on.
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  20. Lisa S

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    I love mine too, but I have a question. I know it's best to rinse filter material in tank water instead of tap water. With this system, how do you capture tank water?

    My sink is so shallow, I can't capture what is being siphoned (which I assume is mixed with tap anyway). Having to dip out water or use my manual siphon/gravel cleaner sort of defeats the purpose of the Python system. I'm curious how everyone else handles this.