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Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by Nevaeh Bowers, Aug 17, 2019.

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    When doing a water change last week I accidentally bonked the gravel tube of my python (The end that I put into the tank) against the seat of my toilet. The problem is that I cannot get the flexible tubing off of the gravel tube to clean that piece independently. Im worried that if I soak the gravel tube in bleach with the flexible tubing still attached, that I might not be able to rinse off the inside of the tubing well enough and that bleach residue might remain.

    My current plan is to soak the gravel tube with the tubing attached in a 1 to 20 part bleach solution overnight. Then rinse the gravel tube off real well, and run water through the whole device for like twenty minutes to rinse off most of the bleach. Then I'm going to soak the gravel tube in water conditioned 5 times with prime. Id prefer not to use bleach at all but I don't think I have much of a choice. Does this idea sound safe enough?
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    Did you just whack the tube on the toilet seat or really submerge it in the toilet? If you just whacked it against the toilet, I would maybe rinse it in some hot water and call it good, if it was submerged in the toilet, that’s a different story. I personally would be more worried about bleach residue.
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    @Nevaeh Bowers
    Relax. Not as powerful as bleach but you can use Hydrogen Peroxide or Vinegar as a disinfectant.
    Then flush with clean water and let dry.
    Good Luck!
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