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  1. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    Wow! Wow! Just Beautiful! Looks like it turned out perfectly. Love every bit
  2. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    It seemed a good time was had by all. They wanted a small wedding with a limited guest list and this venue did it lol. The hot dogs and brats were almost all eaten, as were the salted caramel smores. There was some beer left, and all the liquor had some leftovers. No one fell down the hill, which was my biggest worry. I told them all if they got drunk and broke a leg, I'd be the one to set it, and I think they believed me lol. We had coffee and pastries for those that camped out, and lots of willing hands to pack it all up.

  3. NightShade Well Known Member Member

    Omg! Your daughter looked sooo beautiful!! Lol at the tornado twins! I spent my childhood covered in mud (my mom was cleaning out this old kitchen (pre civil war age, which were separate from the main house - in case of fire), they have in their backyard, & she found some of my "mud pies" yesterday lol...) and then of course, the rest of my childhood, was spent being hosed off so I could (i.e. be allowed to) come inside lol ;)

    That looks like a perfect wedding. I love that cabin & shootin shed! It really does look like it was absolutely perfect!!! It's so beautiful the way y'all set it up.

    Haha! I bet! I'd wouldn't wanna break a leg lol! I probably would've "threatened" them too.. but the way I grew up, that was the only way to keep them boys in line! :p

    Y'all sound like my family, staying and helping to pick up... although, we would've cleaned out the beer lol :shy:

    Sorry it took so long to respond, I had typed up the first half & had to save it b/c my best friend just had a baby boy last night (first time I've gotten to witness the miracle of birth... a beautiful & very painful thing... which I'm sure you know ;) ) so was on my way to come help her tidy up the house for the inlaws visit tomorrow, to see the new baby (had a minute, thought I'd finish my post lol!) thank you for posting the pics! Sorry to put all my stuff in this post! Not trying to hijack!
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  5. Jocelyn Adelman Fishlore VIP Member

    @Cricket lynn mclean Xoxo
    @minervalong was just asking about the wedding on a different post, looks and sounds amazing! We've got to find you someone else to get married there so I can come to the wedding!!!!! @NightShade congrats on the new "almost family" baby!
  6. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    Thanks everybody. It was quite a feat, my kids. Three birthed, two fostered, the niece and nephews, all the friends they brought, of which I have kept a few for my own lol. My house was the one that was always kid friendly, and they all knew that I would "Momma" them down to behavior expectations. And I am proud of each and every one of them. Heck, one set got married then divorced, and they are still friendly when they both end up here with their new spouses. The pic I can't wait to see my "queen victoria" one. I'm seated with all my kids, and their spouses, and their children.

    @NightShade, nothing better than a new baby. We don't count blood, we count love as what makes us family.

    I don't mind hijacks, to me it is part of what makes this whole site so good. One thing leads to another and we are supportive. No one says we have to limit ourselves to friends that are made in person.
  7. NightShade Well Known Member Member

    I couldn't agree more!! Well said! ;) ❤️

  8. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    Hi all. It's nice to be back. October and November were pretty sucky healthwise and I didn't keep up with anything. Hopefully things are back on track and my fingers will work to type without too many errors I don't catch.

    The okees are doing well. It seems I've been having babies for a while as I have two that definitely look juvenile that I have just seen. There are at least two that are about 1/4 inch long and some of those eye dots lol. I'd love to empty the tank of the mass of plants, first to clean all the hair algae out, second to rearrange for better viewing and third to count what is in there. But, with little ones floating around, I'm gonna leave it a while, see how it plays out.

    Had an issue with my grindal worms, seem to have had a die off in the colony. So they've been eating brine shrimp, frozen brine shrimp and since I saw those eye dots, some vinegar eels. Dunno if the eels actually get eaten or not, once in the tank, cannot see them for anything.

    As far as I know, there have been no deaths. At least haven't found any bodies. Seems the tank is good for breeding as I have a couple of different sizes of fry. Do seem to be growing a bit of hair algae though, and I don't want to take too much out in case I get a couple of fry caught up in it. Other plants are doing well, even pearling so I guess my sorta walstad is doing ok. I test the parameters every week and it's all good, so I've only been taking out a bit of water and replacing what is evaporating. Numbers still stay good. Which is the point of the walstad I think. Mulm is definitely building up and it seems the babes hide there. Haven't seen any around the top.

    Well, that's my news.
  9. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    Yay I've been wondering how it's going. I sure hope to see pics soon lol. I'm sorry to hear you've had health issues but happy all is well in the tank. I'm having all the same issues you're having and I wanna do the same thing lol. Pull it all out. I'll probably succumb soon cause I suck at waiting.
  10. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    Helps with the patience when you have 0 energy for anything but basic upkeep and keeping them alive lol. Now I am laying on the couch, with a magnifying glass, searching for fry of various sizes lol.

  11. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    feel better