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  1. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    Yep, the baby gets married on the 30th, at a log cabin out in the piney woods. We are so excited, the wedding is going to be so them. Camping and guitar playing and singing and roasting weinies and making smores. Fairy lights in all the trees. I poured 200 candles back in the summer to hang on shepherds hooks. She wanted a fairyland wedding and that's what she's getting lol.

    And I'm executrix of mom's estate, she passed two months ago and it was a shock, so I'm trying to get all of that together and then cleared up. Paper pushing, lord who would hire all of the people that the government hires for paper pushing if we didn't have to push papers lol. I'm of the opinion one needs to have a birth certificate, marriage license, death certificate and will. But ooooh no lol. Mounds and mounds.

    So far total ignoring between the sunnys and snails. I don't know if the sunnys are eating the pest babies or not but they are in there. Big snail just cruises around lol.
  2. NightShade Well Known Member Member

    That sounds so awesome.. that's all a wedding needs to be - just who they are. And FUN ;)

    So sorry about your mom.. I know about sudden deaths... lost 3 grandparents within 8 months.. my moms parents died in a car accident, they were the healthiest people alive - would've outlived us. Yea, it's a good thing there's no red tape with beaurocratic nonsense! :bored: :banghead:

    Good to hear about the sunnys ignoring the mysteries... they could eat the babies if there were any.. I'd have been SO HAPPY to have had a fish to do that a few months ago lol... but I am faced with having to have fish that are compatible, and I don't see why they wouldn't be, but I'm only basing that on the personalities of each species separately, no clue about actual experience in the real world/tank. So thank you!

    Edited for grammar lol

  3. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    Well, I must admit that about half the sunnys together would fit into his shell. lol So I don't think they are going to gang up and hunt him like a few assassins would. Heck, they don't hunt anything from what I've seen, if the food floats by their face they will snatch it. But hunting? pshaaa
  4. NightShade Well Known Member Member

    That's what I thought too, size-wise... and from what you mentioned about their hunting skills... reminds me of watching our dog & cats lay in the driveway watching squirrels run away with all our perfectly ripe tomatoes lol... squirrels just weren't close enough for them to care

  5. NightShade Well Known Member Member

    How are your okee's doing? Decided to follow you, so I don't miss anything about these guys!! ;)
  6. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    Yes and did you get your camera fixed lol
  7. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    Nope, got a new one lol. Hub will just have to wait for his brush mower, he's the one that killed it.
    Will try to take a few minutes tomorrow and get some pics. They are doing well, eating good (bbs and grindals and some frozen brineys), boys are territorial, girls just hang out.

  8. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    How was wedding :)
  9. Mushishi Well Known Member Member

    If you have any pics of the fairy lights I'd LOVE to see them. That wedding sounded absolutely lovely!
  10. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member


  11. NightShade Well Known Member Member

    I third that!! ;)
  12. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    I only have a few snaps right now. Y'all want me to post em here or give you my facebook name so you can see them as they get posted by the photog?

    The sunnys are doing well, one male has been fighting and losing cause his bottom fin is a bit beat up lol. Still seem to prefer grindals, which they eat after they are on the bottom and bbs, which they will eat as they are in the water column.
  13. Cricket lynn mclean Well Known Member Member

    Maybe I should try grindals. So far mine don't touch frozen :(

    I'd like both lol
    As far as pics that is
  14. Mushishi Well Known Member Member

    I think a lot of people would really like to see them here but if you can't or its too much of course don't stress over it! :)
    I just know a couple people can be hesitant about sharing social media info. I'm down for viewing both! It sounds so pretty!!
  15. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    ok, fb is DeAnn Foster, in KY. See my timeline for the few I have up.

    Yeah, some of mine will eat frozen, others won't. But when I put a chunk in there, they all seem to be gone the next morning, whether it is the snails or the sunnys "grazing" i dunno.
  16. NightShade Well Known Member Member

    Lol... I'm not on facebook! ;)
  17. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    OK, let me see if I can get them to post from there.
  18. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    Bride and her daddy making music

    My three girls, the groom and the best man.
  19. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    The alter with the little tree they will plant here on the farm where they will build their house. The lights got better as it got darker of course lol. 22049949_10207659861133054_6671622434331228297_n.jpg
    The cabin and shooting shed we used to put the food. This was during the speeches.

    My oldest and her oldest neice

    My middle girl and my nephew, born just 10 days apart, oh man were their 3's terrible, especially when they were together. We called them the Tornado Twins lol.

    Oh yeah, the guy in the middle is Kyle, the best man lol. That boy worked HARD to make this night for his best friends.
  20. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    The cabin sits on a ledge we carved out of the hill, there is a steep treed slope down to the bottom where we camp. And the hill continues on up on the left of the cabin. This is the only clearing on the ledge.