Pygmy Cory's, Oto's & A Betta In A 10 G?


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I'm looking to stock my 10 Gallon tank that's currently in the process of cycling. I have a really laid back male betta who isn't bothered by any fish and leaves them alone currently in a 5 Gallon while his 10 Gallon re-cycles so I'm super interested in planning on stocking up the 10 Gallon.

What are your thoughts on this stock:

I have a really bad algae problem that I cannot handle that doesn't stop. Long stands of green algae it's even dominating all over my sponge filter, so I really do need the Otocinclus unless I should just go with a Bristlenose Pleco instead?

AqAdvisor: Your aquarium filtration capacity is satisfactory

Your aquarium filtration capacity for above selected species is 104%

Recommended water change schedule: 28% per week Your aquarium stocking level is 96%

I have an extra 29 gallon also that is already cycled... So, I can always move the fish to the bigger tank in the future.


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For a 10 gallon, go with nerite snails and amano shrimp. They are really prolific with algae eating. But if you have all this massive algae issues, maybe try to find the cause and rectifying first. Are you leaving your lights on too long?

Otocinculus are sensitive fishes and really need to be groups of 6 or more, and belong to min 20 gallon tank. Pygmy cories won't help with algae, and they also need to be in large groups to do well.

It's not gonna be the end of the world if you stick the ottos and pygmies into your 10 gallon, but they might not exhibit their best behaviours, and if are ok with that, go with it and keep up with your water changes.

I had a 8 gallon, and one nerite snail and some shrimp managed to keep everything in check algae wise. If your betta is peaceful, the snails and shrimp should do well and are more ideal tank mates. You could do 2 nerite snails and 4 Amano shrimp.

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