pygmy cory cats


would GrI'm eat them? They are only about 3/4 inch big when fully grown, which would make them great for the smaller tanks that we keep our bettas in, but I've never heard of anyone on here keeping them. From what I've read they are more hardy than ottos and they are smaller. What are ppls thoughts on these little fish?


It depends on your bettas agression, he would't eat them, and really would probably ignore them, but if he is very aggressive he may kill them--
But I think it is probably ok-- By betta Lila sleeps with her otto.


They probably will be ok. Our bettas all loved their cory cats (and the cats food ). You should be able to tell pretty soon if he's got an interest in them or a "I'll put up with them" attitude.


They are smaller but the thing that still makes them a 10 gallon fish is that they need at least 6 to school with.  They are so small and timid that bigger fish frighten them unless they are with a good sized grouping of their own kind and I have seen betta naughties frighten them to death.  No they are not suitable for smaller tanks, I am sorry to say.  (personal experience,  :'() Also in aquariums, the males will almost reach an inch and females will grow slightly over an inch in length. (resourced from Identifying Corydoradinae Catfish written by Ian A.M. Fuller & Hans-Georg Evers - copyrighted in June 2005) I am thrilled and happy beyond words to own a brand new signed copy of it that I got from the author himself.


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