Pygmy chain sword care sheet


Common name: Pgymy chain sword
Scientific name: echinodorus tenellus
Size: up two 6" tall in high light, 4" in medium light
Growth rate: moderate
Lighting: medium to high
Propagation: sends out runners
Placement: foreground plant
Fertilizers: beneficial but not necessary
Care level: great beginner's plant

Pygmy chain sword is the perfect foreground plant for any planted aquarium. It stays low to the substrate and sends out runners, sprouting new plants. Once established pygmy chain sword will carpet the bottom of your tank. It does best in high lighting and appreciates root tab fertilizers.

Pygmy chain sword grows best in fine aquarium gravel or sand, approximately the size of a BB. Because of the high light requirements, this plant is prone to algae growing on its leaves. Otocinclus catfish work great for cleaning the algae off your pygmy chain sword plants. Overall, pygmy chain sword is a great addition to any planted aquarium.

I don't have pics from when I had some growing in a 10g. Maybe somebody else can share pics

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