Purple Emperor tetra tail sinking

After doing a water change, my tetra started to sink and swim in bursts, and wasnt fluid. I've kept it in quarantine, and i've put it in a methylene blue bath. I havent fed it for 2 days, and just recently, it pooped. Should i just continue the baths, or try something else?
Thanks! 20200429_141527.jpg
Welcome to Fishlore sorry a problem brings you here, I’ve moved this to the disease board hopefully members will be able to help you today.
Welcome. Seems the water change is the issue here but without more information it's hard to say what happened. How much water and was it dechlorinated and temperature matched? A pH swing? Any ammonia? Really need test numbers to help nail it down. Methylene Blue is used to treat fungal infections and I don't think it's going to help in this situation, unless that's fungus on his head?

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