Purigen, bah!


So I encountered cloudy water that I initially thought was due to overfeeding. I got a cartridge of Pristine. It didn't help, but it did turn brown, so I figured it must be doing something. Bought another one to cycle them, but in the process left the dirty one out, then found you shouldn't let it dry out as it may crack. So that one went in the trash with the new one in the filter. Saw it in s lfs, so bought another to cycle them through. Changed them out, and kept the dirty one in water until I could get some bleach questions answered. Still nervous about bleaching something, then putting it in my filter. Well, apparently, that's how it's done, so it must be okay. Bought bleach and an appropriately sized glass container. Soaked the dirty Purigen in bleach/water for a day. You bet your ass I'm going to make sure it's rinsed. Well, while rinsing, bag popped open on a seam. Well, that's trash. Water is still cloudy. Time to accept sunk costs, No point in continuing with Perigon.


Purigen is usually used to remove tannins and water tints to it. Is your water cloudy or tinted like tea? If it is truly cloudy you may have another issue going on.


that happened to one of the little Purigen packs. I bought some media bags with tiny tiny holes and a jar of Purigen, and put the Purigen in them.

i do a double soaking in Prime b/c I've had a few mini cycles after regen.

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