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    .this is fore sure the most '"stupid" question in fishlore,i know,but i cant figure it out.i was told by the petstore that my tank is 80litres,so i went to calculator 80litr.=21gal. the length=31inch width=13inch,and height 15inch...=70 gall tank says the calculator somebody heeellllppppppp.how many gallons is my tank?21 or 70?where i come from theres no such thing as gall. :-\         ;D if anyone can help id be grateful. ;)
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    hi guys me again figured it out totally wrong measurements sorry for the nagging :-*
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    I dunno, effie. I used the tank calculator myself,() and you're right; 80 liters is 21 gallons, but by your length-width-height measurements in inches, your tank would  be about 99 liters and 26 gallons. Did you measure the tank yourself? Maybe re-measure? It's weird that the fish store people would give you an incorrect volume.

    Or maybe the tank itself is capable of holding 99 liters/26 gallons, but the fish store people recommend that you keep the level of the water at 80 liters/21 gallons. For overflow reasons...? I'd go back to them for clarification. It wasn't a stupid question, by the way! I'd have been asking the same thing if I'd had the brains to check out the tank calculator.
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    Shoot, I just replied. Oh, well, disregard that.
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    It's probably approximately a 29 Gal. mine measures 30 inches x 15 inches x12 inches, but thats measuring only the glass. If you measure the plastic trim I get the same measurements as effiefish.
    29 G =109.765 liters. Don't know :-\ The only thing I know to do is to fill a container that you know how much liquid it contains and fill the tank using it. then you will know for sure what it holds :p I had to do that with a tub and a gallon jug last summer. ;D