Purchasing fish online? Question

  1. Sparks82

    Sparks82 New Member Member

    Just wanted to know if anyone has had great success ordering fish/inverts online? I've never done it and I'm not even sure if it's a good idea.

    I have the usual Petco type places around, but I would consider order online from a trustworthy place.

    Thanks in advance for your tips.

  2. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    Welcome to Fishlore Brad

    Im not a salty member so I cant answer about the fish question. I just wanted to welcome you and im sure our salty members can help :)
  3. H

    Heather12404 Valued Member Member

    I have ordered fish and inverts from 3 online stores/people. All with awesome results. I don't know if I'm allowed to write the websites on here or not, but I'm going to anyway.
    Aquabid.com is great for many, many items.
    Breedinusa.com is where I got my dwarf crayfish and my endlers = awesome.
    Consolidatedff.com is where I got my panda cories, and my rams. They're prices per fish are just awesome and it's only $20 for shipping. My fish came from Florida all the way to San Diego, Ca just fine....no DOA's.
    I highly recommend the above websites. Especially the second and third ones listed. The last one is just awesome.
  4. OP

    Sparks82 New Member Member

    Hi Shawnie,

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I see you are in NH. It's seems most of the good fish stores are in New Hamshire (at least from where I am). I had to head up there from Boston area to get the bulk of my live rock. :D
  5. OP

    Sparks82 New Member Member

    Thanks Heather!

    I will check those sites out for sure.
  6. Mike

    Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    I've purchased fish and corals from liveaquaria.com and was always happy with the shipments.