Purchased This “male” Betta That Was Actually A Gorgeous Female

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by AbraCadaver, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. AbraCadaver Valued Member Member

    the store I go to has many females labeled as male, I think because they have rich color! You can clearly tell they’re not male, and I even bred this one with a male that has the same colors.
    I think I may buy more because these females are simply stunning!

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  2. CandyCane701 Well Known Member Member

    Very beautiful!

  3. Bettafishgal Valued Member Member


  4. AbraCadaver Valued Member Member

    She thanks you :) lol
    To be honest my options in stores are slim, I’ve never seen a female this colorful in person. She’s the only female like that I have
  5. CandyCane701 Well Known Member Member

    Your timing must have been very lucky to get her then. :)
  6. AbraCadaver Valued Member Member

    It was for sure! It’s actually hard to find females here, most stores don’t even sell them around here. Petsmart always has them, and that’s honestly my best option because my local store that’s family owned doesn’t sell females, and the store I got this girl from, always has sick fish. I have to treat them for ich. I mean I always treat my fish, but these always have visible ich. So I get my males from Petsmart because they get koi and mustard and stuff, and then I get my females from this other store. I’ve always cured them of ich, never had a fail with them yet (fingers crossed).
  7. AbraCadaver Valued Member Member

    Here’s her mating :)
  8. CandyCane701 Well Known Member Member

    Wow. That stuff is always so incredible to me.
  9. AbraCadaver Valued Member Member

    I wanted to get a better video. But this particular male is touchy. Great daddy :) first spawn, they hatched and it’s day 8 they’re still alive.
    I have my tank setup like this here picture... and when I came home from class they were mating (in the dark) and any sign of light he would attack the female and charge towards me. So I couldn’t really get a good video because he was touchy about it.

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  10. Jack B Nimble Valued Member Member

    That was quick I know how he feels.
  11. AbraCadaver Valued Member Member

    LOL. That’s unfortunate but in reality they were at this all day. Like... 6 hours. XD