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“I’m hunting shrimps”

I have my small Tetraodon miurus in a cycled ten gallon with a plant and some rocks and sand substrate awaiting preventative treatment with general cure, ich x, and arythromycin.
I’ve done my research on these meds and this is what I planned to use

The pet store I bought him from takes very good care of their fish and had him for more than a few months before I knew he existed/ had done enough research to care for him. I believe he had a previous owner who donated him and was not just a “wholesale” fish so to speak

He eats great has great color and is rather interactive for an ambush puffer, he/ she absolutely is now my favorite fish along with my pea puffer and he seems to be in great health putting on weight and the like.

I want to do what’s best for the puffer but if he is bored/unhappy/or cramped in his barren 10 gallon quarantine tank (only like 3 inches long at the moment

I see no reason to spend the days treating him in the ten gallon when he has a wonderland of a 30 gallon he could be tearing around in.

Should I pre med the puffer?

Or move him to his permanent home and only treat him if he shows signs of sickness?

I have my own personal supply of pre medicated gut fed feeders and pond snails. and can buy frozen bloodworms so I’m not super worried about him catching anything from his food even. Please please please any advice anyone has is greatly appreciated. Just to recap

The puffer is doing great!
I only want to medicate as I’ve heard they live very long lives if you keep them tip top.

I would rather my puffer be happy in a 30 gallon and my wallet unhappy from having to buy more meds. Then the other way around
Also the water changes on the ten gallon are getting overwhelming and I’m sure the puffer doesn’t love it when I suck half his explorable area out of the tank every couple of days in addition to 1 gallon water swaps every night
Having thirty gallons to work with would give me “more room for error” so to speak.

I will post this in the fish disease section as well but I would really appreciate the advice of people who have specifically kept puffers! Thanks all! I want my little buckwheat to be the healthiest potato puffer anyone has ever seen


Firstly I have to say I’ve never kept puffers so may be way off base here.... I’m not a fan of treating prophylactically, some meds can be hard on fish & stress them unnecessarily.
Imo unless you know what you’re treating for you could do more harm than good.... just my two cents, hang on for more opinions from our puffer keepers in particular .
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I tend to agree with you but I’m new to puffers so I wanted to be sure I did everything I should, I’ve never payed 60$ for a fish but I love him now, so I don’t wanna kill him with medicine but I don’t want him to get sick 1 year from now from some kind of worm I could have treated for now:/

At this point though I think the stress of water changes in a smaller tank and the lack of territory are more of a detriment to his health then any possible medical issues.
They had the poor fellow in a nano 5 gallon with gravel at the pet store

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