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Hello fishlore! First post here :^)

I've had fish tanks pretty much all my life, but really got into the hobby about 2 years ago (5 aquariums in and counting, haha).

I've gotten a lot of live plants and of course had a bunch of pest snails accompanying them. When I first started delving into aquariums more seriously 2 years ago, I thought that the little bladder snails were cute...but now they're everywhere and show up even when I think I've finally bested them.

So I bought help. A little puffer. I /believe/ he is a dwarf pea puffer -- when I purchased him, that was what he was referred to as, but my receipt had said something about "Green and Yellow Puffer" and my searching attempts for that 'breed' of puffer have failed. He has his own nano planted aquarium that I've had established for 2 years. Water parameters are all fine and maintained by twice weekly water changes. I've brought the little puffer home two days ago and he's been very skittish. I haven't seen him eat yet, but he has both snails and frozen blood worms available.

Anyway, the actual reason I made this post! The puffer has been curled in a little C shape pretty much since I brought him home. I saw that his colors had faded somewhat, which I searched and saw that that was common in stressed dwarfs. The main concern is little spikes coming from his belly. They almost look like very, very tiny shards of glass sticking from him. I can try to get a photo, but he is suuuper tiny and is, like I said, very skittish.

Not sure if this is parasites or ich or what. I gave him a very small dosage of bacterial medicine this evening, because he was actually at the glass and I finally got a good look at his belly. Before then, I thought maybe it was fins or something.

Anyone have any experience with this? I tried researching it, but porcupine puffers kept popping up :/

Tldr; new puffer has protrusions coming from torso that resemble glassy shards. Maintains a C shape pretty much all the time.


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2 years
This sounds extremely stupid of me and you have preobabaly alredy thought of this, but maybe its just his tiny spikes like on a larger puffer. Maybe he is just stressed from the move.

Hope this helps!

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