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I have a tank with a green spotted puffer and a dwarf puffer. my first question is how do I change the freshwater they are in now to the brackish water they are more accustomed to (so ive heard) without having to move the fish themselves. secondly, what kinds of foods should I feed them to make sure their "teeth" get sufficiently worn down so they don't end up starving? thanks!

Miss Mouse

I don't know mcuh about green spotted puffers but I belive that dwarf puffers are purely freshwater so should be kept so.
To make water brackish you need to add marine salt but you'll have to do it very slowly. This is from

I suggest keeping GSPs at low-end BW when juvenile <2", (in a specific gravity, or SG of 1.005-08), at 2-4", medium BW (SG 1.010-15) and adult >4" Saltwater (SG 1.018-22).
SG means specific gravity whcih is basically the measurement for the salt levels in your water. You will need to buy a hydrometer and marine salt first.

I think that site tells you how to acclimatise your puffer to brackish further down the page as well 
let us know how you get on!

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