Puffer, Divided Betta, Sorority, Or Tropical Community Tank?

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    Hello fellow fishloreans!

    As many of you may or may not know, I am restarting my 20 long. I am moving its current residents (neon tetras, panda cories, and ghost shrimp) to a 20 tall. The long will be recycled and basically completely redone in terms of decorations, fish inside, and so on.

    I have been doing loads of research lately deciding what I want to do. When you think about it, I actually don't have very long until I will be ready. I am guessing some time around July or August.

    Here are the choices I have. If you have something else to recommend that I could be interested in, feel free to mention.

    1) brackish puffer tank, heavily planted, heavily decorated, one figure 8 puffer

    2) divided betta tank, 5 dividers (so 4 bettas), female or male betta in each spot, nerite snail in each spot

    3) betta sorority, 7 female bettas, heavily planted, 4 nerite snails

    4) tropical (78 degree) community (no subtropical or semi-coldwater as I already have that)

    There are a lot of pros and cons to each, and I am still working to make a chart of those. Also, finding ways to fix/aid the cons.

    My question for you:
    1. In your humble opinion, what would you do? Why? Please explain. This is to benefit me and others who are reading.
    2. Have you done any of these tanks before? If done multiple, what was your favorite? Why? Any tips to a beginner starting one of these (like me)?

    I always add a lot more questions to my posts haha but that's all I can think of for now.

    Thank you so so much for reading and see you on the forum!

  2. Al913

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    Personally I would do the divided betta tank which will look really nice since there are many vibrant bettas out there.

    As far as the betta sorority if you have lots of patience and time to rehome bettas than go for it. However it would be best to start off with lots of plants and decor first before getting the bettas.

    Community tank is also a good choice, although personally I would do a tank with nano fish :)
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    They all sound nice but I would recommend only one gender of betta fish if you decide to do the divided tank as having males and females together may stress the fish out.
  4. OP
    Little Tank of Happiness

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    Me and my mom are betta crazy but my dad not so much.. who knows how that will go. When he asked me and my mom what we wanted to do we named these options and he said no to the betta tanks without me explaining them. Soooo... haha. The whole family likes puffers we just have to work out how to feed him, how to set up a brackish tank, how to set up plants, and all that fun but aggravating stuff. My dad is big on communities though the lady and young lady in the group wants to try something else out. Nano fish would be cool but I am limited to only Petsmart... no joke. An hour and 30 minutes away we have 2 nice fish stores but the long long drive. That's also down in the city so I can imagine the traffic issues.
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  6. OP
    Little Tank of Happiness

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    I like that stocking, thanks for the input ;)

    Edit: I don't see honeys in my area often. Could a dg work? Also, I don't see Cardinals too much so what about glowlight Tetras?
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    The DG would work instead of a honey, yes.